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Trust Central Florida's Only National Cancer Leader

You deserve the best. And you can face cancer with confidence knowing world-renowned physicians offering the latest treatments are right here in your community, with next-day access to our dedicated navigation team to help build a care plan and ease your mind at every step of the way.

Connect With a Nurse Navigator

Your Success Stories Help Tell Ours

US News and World Report Badge for Cancer

Top 4% in the Nation for Cancer Care

Good news travels fast, from our prestigious accreditations and patient outcomes that exceed the national average, to our ranking as one of America’s best cancer hospitals from US News & World Report. It’s why cancer patients who want to be treated as more than “patients” choose AdventHealth Cancer Institute — because we’re known for whole-person care that’s as much about healing hearts and spirits, as it is about healing your body.

Personalized Patient Navigation

You’re never alone. And you’ll always know what’s next. Your Nurse Navigator will coordinate every detail of your care, from setting up each appointment to helping you understand what to expect before, during, and after your treatments.

Whole-Person Cancer Care

We know the pain and exhaustion is more than physical. It’s why our top-ranked cancer program is designed to support your body, mind and spirit, through our pampering patient spa, cancer-fighting nutrition programs, spirit-boosting support groups, and more.

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Early Detection for Cancer Prevention

Because of recent advances in health care, there are a wide variety of screenings designed to detect certain types of life-threatening cancers. This is great news, because, when caught early, cancer is more easily treatable.

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Types of Cancer We Treat

Blood Cancers

Find peace of mind with Central Florida’s first and only comprehensive Blood and Marrow Transplant Program — a program with some of the best outcomes in the nation for treating leukemia, lymphoma, myeloma, and more.

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Brain and Spinal Cancer

Year after year, more patients are finding healing and second chances here, with outcomes that surpass the national average and treatments you won’t find anywhere else for addressing brain, spine and spinal cord tumors, medulloblastoma, mixed gliomas, pituitary tumors, and more.

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Breast Cancer

Focus on your strength, your family, and the reasons you’re determined to stay strong. We’ll take care of the rest, treating breast cancers like carcinoma in situ, invasive breast cancers and uncommon breast cancers, including medullary, metaplastic, and more, and handling every logistical detail, from diagnosis through treatment.

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Digestive Tract Cancers

Hope begins at AdventHealth Cancer Institute, with comprehensive care and treatment from our multidisciplinary team of colorectal, liver, pancreatic, and other
gastrointestinal oncology experts.

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Gynecologic Cancer

Find the expert, compassionate care you need to face and fight gynecologic cancer with the best tools available. Ours is among the top oncology programs in the country with outcomes that exceed the national average in treating cervical cancer, ovarian cancer, uterine cancer, vulvar cancer, and vaginal cancer.

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Head, Neck, and Skin Cancers

We understand the unique concerns of patients who are dealing with cancer located in highly sensitive and visible parts of the body such as the head, neck, and skin. From thyroid and parathyroid cancer, to oral, nasal and skin cancer, our specialists offer the most advanced therapies and surgical treatments, including delicate reconstructive procedures.

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Lung and Esophageal Cancer

Get access to more treatments, with one of the most active lung and esophageal clinical trial sites in the nation — and feel confident with a nationally recognized leader with outcomes that exceed the national average.

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Pediatric Cancer

When the person who matters most to you needs the best care, find comfort and kid-centered healing at AdventHealth Cancer Institute, one of the nation’s top-ranked cancer hospitals.

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Urologic Cancers

Outcomes that surpass the national average. Treatments you won’t find anywhere else. And a world-class team that treats bladder, kidney, testicular, and prostate cancers with whole-person care that encompasses everything from your day-to-day nutritional and emotional well-being, to your spiritual health.

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A cancer care specialist discusses clinical trials and cancer treatment options with a cancer center patient

More Clinical Trials. More Life-Saving Options.

We’re making the impossible possible every day. With more than 175 clinical trials each year, AdventHealth Cancer Institute is one of the most active clinical trial sites in Florida, offering cancer patients and the people who love them options — and hope — beyond conventional therapies.


Step-by-Step Support

When you’re ready to talk, someone’s always ready to listen. And when you need answers, whether it’s about financial assistance, genetic testing, or access to our patient education guides, our door is always open.

A cancer patient receives a second opinion from one of Florida Hospital Cancer Institute's cancer care doctors

Looking for a Second Opinion?

It’s always a good idea to get a second opinion. Whether you have doubts or unanswered questions, whether your trust in your oncology team is wavering, or you just need to hear it from someone else – don’t hesitate. Because while you didn’t choose cancer, you always have a choice when it comes to taking control of your care. Our AdventHealth oncology experts can serve as a fresh pair of eyes, helping bring clarity and certainty to you and your family. Evaluating your tests and consulting with different oncology specialists can help you feel more confident in your care, either by confirming your diagnosis, shedding new light, or opening the door to new treatment options.