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A brain cancer survivor enjoys life after cancer by watering orchids in a greenhouse

Groundbreaking Care for Brain and Spinal Cancers

You’re not merely hoping for the best. You’re determined to beat the odds. That’s why our neuro oncology experts are forging ahead, testing new therapies, and achieving patient outcomes that exceed national averages. Here, you’ll find state-of-the- art technology that no other Central Florida cancer hospital is using, like the groundbreaking Gamma Knife technology. Across our network, we’re pushing the boundaries of innovation and whole-person care, so your body can push the boundaries of healing.

Innovation and Dedication

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                        Exceptional Care. Exceptional Outcomes.

Exceptional Care. Exceptional Outcomes.

It’s also earned us the distinction of being ranked #35 in the nation by U.S News & World Report for neurology and neurosurgery. From our art and music therapy programs, to our nutritional guidance and beyond, we’re here for your body, mind, and spirit.

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                        Personalized Patient Navigation

Personalized Patient Navigation

You’ll always feel empowered and prepared. Day after day, our compassionate and knowledgeable Nurse Navigators will coordinate your appointments, talk you through every treatment option, and more. We’ll make sure you’re always supported.

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                        Exclusive Technology

Exclusive Technology

AdventHealth, formerly Florida Hospital, Cancer Institute is the only cancer hospital in Central Florida performing the innovative Gamma Knife® radiosurgery, a non-invasive, same-day procedure that shrinks tumors, while leaving healthy tissues alone.

Explore Your Treatment Options

Chemotherapy Treatment: What to Expect

Nothing matters more to us than getting you well, and getting you home. Depending on what type of brain or spinal cancer you have and how advanced it is, chemotherapy may play an essential role in successfully treating your cancer, including adult brain tumors, astrocytic tumors, ependymal tumors, and spinal cord tumors. From the moment you arrive for your chemo treatment, one of our nurses will be there to greet you and guide you, keeping you and your loved one informed, comfortable, and in good spirits throughout your visit.

How Does Chemotherapy Work?

Using a combination of specialized drugs, chemotherapy has the power to destroy or slow down the growth of fast-growing cancer cells in every part of your body. It can be administered intravenously, by injection, or orally.

At AdventHealth Cancer Institute, our oncology experts take an individualized approach to your chemotherapy treatment. Depending on your type of brain or spine cancer, we’ll determine which drug or combination of drugs is best for you. While chemotherapy isn’t usually used as a primary treatment for brain tumors, it can be very effective as a follow-up to surgery or radiation therapy. It may also be effective for patients with recurrent or slowly progressing tumors.

Chemotherapy may be used in combination with surgery and/or radiation therapy. Along the way, we're here to help however we can, answering any questions and helping you stay strong and optimistic before, during, and after your treatment.

Radiation Therapy: What to Expect

While radiation therapy is one of the most common treatments for brain and spine cancer, at AdventHealth Cancer Institute, we do it with uncommon expertise, guidance, and compassion. Using some of the most sophisticated radiation technology, like the Gamma Knife®, we can target tumors in and around your brain and spine with amazing precision, easing your pain and leaving healthy tissue untouched. Depending on your diagnosis, your team may recommend radiation alone, or in some cases, combine it with surgery and chemotherapy.

How Does Radiation Therapy Work?

Radiation therapy targets specific areas of the body, shrinking tumors and killing cancer cells by damaging their DNA.

When treating brain tumors, our radiology team may recommend Gamma Knife® radiosurgery, the most technologically advanced, non-invasive procedure that’s not offered at any other hospital in Central Florida. Using this innovative method, we can precisely target the tumor, deliver tumor-shrinking treatment, and have you home all on the same day.

For spinal tumors that have metastasized, your team can use radiation therapy in two ways:

  • External radiation, which delivers radiation in a concentrated beam to keep nearby healthy tissue unaffected.

  • Internal radiation guided by ultrasound keeps healthy nearby tissue safer.

Throughout your treatment, your nurses and your radiation oncology care team are there to keep you and your support system informed, comfortable, and uplifted.

Surgery: What to Expect

If surgery is part of your treatment plan, it’s reassuring to know that your health is in the hands of recognized leaders in brain and spine cancer care. Specialized brain and spine surgeons across our network help patients heal every single day through innovative surgical procedures.

Options for Surgery

Surgery can be a promising step forward on your path to healing, and it’s often the preferred course of treatment, depending on your diagnosis. Your dedicated team of brain and spine cancer specialists will review every detail of your medical history and recent tests to recommend the strongest, most effective treatment plan for you. For benign tumors, surgery will likely be the only treatment you need, but in case of malignant tumors, your team may recommend pairing a surgical procedure with chemotherapy and/or radiation therapy.

Some brain cancer surgeries include:

  • Minimally-invasive brain surgery, the best option for fast healing times and precise treatments. We have a number of 3D imaging tools and microscopes for the clearest visuals and best results.

  • Skull base surgery works to carefully remove complex tumors with open surgery or specialized, minimally-invasive tools.

  • Debulking is a strategy to remove only part of tricky tumors and reduce the size, making sure to leave the surrounding tissue untouched.

Once upon a time, tumors in the spine were considered untreatable. Today, using innovative new techniques and tools like high-powered microscopes and imaging, our neurosurgeons are able to access difficult- to-reach tumors with skillful precision, all while leaving healthy tissue as undisturbed as possible.

Life After Cancer Treatment

Getting back to feeling whole and healthy means making room in your life for plenty of guidance, love and support from your family, from your friends, and from us. We’re here to help guide you and educate you, with personalized recovery programs that include physical or occupational therapy with our Neuro Rehab program, vestibular rehabilitation, massage therapy and support programs. We’re also here to remind you that exercise can reduce your risk of recurrence, and that strength training helps reduce your risk of fracture.

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Our Specialists Specialize in You

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Radiation Oncologist
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Radiation Oncologist
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Radiation Oncologist
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Where to Find Us

You’re ready to give it your all. To know your options and choose the right team of brain and spine cancer specialists —- a team that’s consistently recognized for excellence in patient care. Across all seven Central Florida locations, our leading oncology specialists combine both proven therapies and emerging innovations to achieve patient outcomes that consistently exceed the national average. Your dedicated Nurse Navigator is the first step toward finding the right brain and spine cancer experts.

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Explore Patient Resources

You'll feel even stronger when you're surrounded by a loving support system and exceptional therapy programs. Our range of art and music therapies have been proven to boost wellness of the mind and spirit while also stimulating and rehabilitating the brain. Coupled with our pampering patient spa, which provides relaxation services and wig fittings and our in-depth Online Library and financial assistance tools, you’ll find the practical, emotional, and spiritual guidance you need.

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Embrace Your Full Network of Cancer Care

A surgical oncologist in operating attire performs a clinical trial procedure to treat a brain tumor

Clinical Trials

Our brain and spine cancer specialists and researchers are continuously discovering new ways to prevent and treat cancer. We participate in more than 175 national clinical trials a year to give you access to many of the latest treatments and prevention methods.

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Get A Second Opinion

It's always a good idea to get a second opinion. Our second-opinion experts can help you feel more confident in your care, either by confirming your diagnosis, shedding new light, or opening the door to new treatment options.

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Two men drinking coffee discuss brain cancer support groups in a well lit living room

Brain and Spine Cancer Support Groups

When you’re facing brain or spinal cancer, it helps to know there are others who’ve walked the same path. Connect with patients, survivors, and a team whose mission is to provide compassionate support.

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News and Events

News at AdventHealth Cancer Institute

New studies. New research. New technology and more. We’ll keep you informed of innovative treatments, advanced techniques, and the latest offerings at AdventHealth Cancer Institute.

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Events at AdventHealth Cancer Institute

Find healing, find community, and stay in the know. With a wide variety of events year-round, we’ll help you connect with other patients, caregivers, support groups, as well as our compassionate care team.

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